Africa Open Series - Modern Metagame

by HQ Gaming SA

Metagame Breakdown:

This table just supports how diverse Modern can be. Boros Burn was the most played deck, but unfortunately had no copies in the top 8. Mono Green Tron was second, placing one player in the top 8. Third was Azorius Stoneblade, Eldrazi Tron and Hardened Scales (one player in top 8). 


Top 8 Results:

1 Lello, Ryan Dredge
2 Kruis, Wolfgang Hardened Scales
3 Guarneri, Enrico UW Stoneblade
4 Kruger, Ryan Mardu Shadow
5 Ribeiro, Ricardo UW Control
6 Ogden, Jonathan GW Eldrazi
7 Fox, Darren G Tron
8 Chetty, Siveshen UW Stoneblade


 Top8 Finishers. Ryan Lello, Enrico Guarneri, Darren Fox, Jonathan Ogden, Ricardo Ribeiro, Wolf Kruis, Ryan Kruger. Siveshen Chetty not pictured

Top 8 Decklists:


Ryan Lello - Winner


Wolf Kruis - Runner-Up


Enrico Guarneri - 3rd


Ryan Kruger - 4th


Ricardo Ribeiro - 5th


 Jonathan Ogden - 6th


Darren Fox - 7th


Siveshen Chetty - 8th


Top 10 Played cards - Main Board

Top 5 Played Sideboard Cards


Dredge took the tournament down! Congrats to Ryan Lello on an amazing finish. Honestly it was awesome to have Dredge win the tournament after the banning of Faithless Looting. Ryan placed his faith in Dredge and boy did it pay off. However not all the games could have been easy. Multiple players still played some main board graveyard hate and there were a lot of copies of Surgical Extraction and Rest in Peace running around in the sideboards.  

Congratulations to Ryan Lello! He is crowned the very first Open Series Champion for Modern



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